Women's Small Groups


Women's Small Groups


Scroll through the following WOMEN’S small groups and find one that seems like a great fit for you! You can call and/or email that group leader directly for information on the group and where they meet. For additional information please contact Linda Brown or Michelle Nichiporuk.






1ST & 3RD Sun  |  1PM  |  Inland Hills  |  909.996.9372

Jennifer leads this women’s group. Jennifer loves to find time for cooking after being a Facilities & Admin Coordinator during her work day. She enjoys hiking, dancing, and fun adventures with her 2 young children. 



Weekly  |  6:30PM  |  Corner Bakery in Chino






E/O Mon  |  9AM  |  Eastvale  |  909.569.2346

Kelly leads this women’s group. She’s married with 4 young children and is a Neonatal ICU Charge Registered Nurse. She and her husband enjoy dinner dates and simple family time relaxing at home. (We bet she does!) Kelly enjoys shopping, reading, and lunch dates with her friends. Other fun family time is spent hiking and boating.


Nikki s.

2nd & 4th Mon  |  9AM  |  Inland Hills  |  909.438.6901

Nikki leads this women’s group. As a full time working mother and wife, Nikki and her husband have four kids who all play soccer - that’s almost half a team! Apart from watching her kids’ games with her husband, Nikki is also an avid runner. When it comes to her faith, she greatly enjoys studying both the Bible and apologetics — growing in her ability to defend Christianity. 


Elvia Chavez

Weekly  |  6:30PM  |  Inland Hills  |  626.484.8677

Elvia leads this women’s group. Some of her favorite things are reading, spending time with her dogs, and running. As young parents to two boys, Elvia and her husband have become young empty nesters! Together, they enjoy going to the movies, riding bikes, and traveling to new places. Elvia works as an Accounting Manager.


Amanda Clemons

Weekly  |  7PM  |  Inland Hills  |  909.573.4068

Amanda leads this women’s group. She is a Real Estate Data Researcher and a Barbie and PEZ collector. (The last two are for fun.) She doesn't deny being a girly girl who loves bling, Barbie, and Disneyland. However, she also enjoys watching hockey and has no problem tuning everything else out when the L.A. Kings are playing. 


Jeri Hunter

1ST, 2ND, & 4TH Mon |  7PM  |  Chino Hills  |  909.224.5803

Jeri leads this women's groups. Jeri is a recently retired teacher with 3 adult sons and 6 grandchildren. She makes time for biking, hiking, reading, and spending time with those grandkids. Fun fact about Jeri: She and her husband share the same name, different spelling!


Sandra Duke & Barbara Gray

Weekly  |  7PM  |  Glendora/San Dimas  
Sandra 626.485.3884  |  Barbara 626.487.7216

Sandra and Barbara co-lead this women’s group. Sandra is a Dental Lab Technician. She has 2 children and 2 grandchildren. She enjoys reading and serving at IHC, especially in the infant class where she snuggles the babies. Barbara is an Executive Assistant who has 2 children and 3 grandchildren. When your hobbies mainly consist of your grandkids, then you know that she's a loving, doting grandma.


Stephenette Graham

Weekly  |  7:30PM  |  Inland Hills  |  909.936.6320

Stephenette leads this women’s group. She knows the value of community—she comes from a large family with over 20 nieces and nephews! Imagine the restaurant bill! Stephenette enjoys time with friends over a good cup of coffee after a day of teaching. She also enjoys retail therapy and showing off her sweet decorating skills!





Cathie Mackin & Corrol Sandhu

Weekly  |  9AM  |  Inland Hills
CATHIE  |  909-224-0685
ORROL  |  951.201.8588

Cathie and Corrol lead this Women’s group. Cathie is a full-time mom of 3 kids, forming a parenting tag team with her husband, Sean. Similarly, Corrol is an experienced Momager (that’s right!) of 2 teenage girls. While Cathie tries brave new foods with her family, Corrol tests new culinary creations on her husband Jayson. Both women like to curl up with a good book, and enjoy discovering new foods and destinations with their families.


Terry Dabbs

Weekly  |  9AM  |  Chino Hills  |  626.652.2265

Terry leads this women’s group. She loves to go to the movies, gardening, and cooking. She and her husband enjoy the beach, date nights, and spending time with their family. And with 6 children and 11 grandchildren, there happens to be plenty of family around to spend time with!


Let Bizzaro

Weekly  |  9AM  |  Inland Hills  |  909.597.7160

Let leads this women’s group. She enjoys arts, crafts, and organizing. When they can fit them in, she and her husband enjoy mini outings over the weekends. Funny fact: When Let becomes stressed out, she likes to clean and organize. With a husband and 3 young kids, can you imagine how great her home must look? 



Weekly  |  9AM  |  Inland Hills  |  714.402.8252


Peggy Tyler

Weekly  |  9:15AM  |  Inland Hills  |  909.767.9400


linda brown

Weekly  |  3PM  |  Inland Hills  |  909.996.3271

Linda leads this women’s group. She is on staff at IHC as a Women's Small Group Division Leader and is married to the famous IHC Asst. Tech. Director, Tom Brown. Together, they have 3 adult children and 4 grandchildren. Linda loves to read when she has a quiet moment and she and her hubby spend time serving together at various outreach opportunities. 


Jean Nassereddin

Weekly  |  6:30PM  |  Chino Hills  |  951.533.3267

Jean leads this women’s group. Her family has grown from a husband and 2 daughters to now including 2 sons-in-law and a new granddaughter. Being recently retired, Jean and her husband enjoy camping and road trips together. Jean also appreciates the fine arts of quilting and needle art, and serves in the Sew Blessed Quilting ministry.



Weekly  |  6PM  |  Inland Hills  |  909.374.3619

Tammy leads this women’s group. She is a Chief Administration Officer/Director over IT, Finance, HR, Project Management, and Communication at work. Say that three times, fast! Her hobbies include beach time, technology, reading, writing, music, and photography. She loves to give back to others by way of childcare and Women's Ministry at IHC.



1ST, 2ND, & 4TH Tue  |  6:30PM  |  Chino Hills  |  909.217.0028

Alma leads this women's group. She and her husband are retired educators. Together, they enjoy cooking, taking the dogs on walks, and seeing plays or movies. She also loves to read. Alma and her husband have 2 adult children and 3 grandchildren.


Charlene Voelkl

Weekly |  6:45PM  |  Chino/Chino Hills  |  909.374.8879

Charlene leads this women’s group, a great place for any woman to connect. When not at work as a technical writer, she enjoys working out, Bible study, reading, and music. 


Gail Secker-Brown

E/O Tue  |  7PM  |  Inland Hills  |  909.662.7268

Gail leads this women’s group. She is a Partner/Director within the Human Resources business. Her hobbies include walking/jogging, sunshine, the great outdoors, and her loveable pooches. Gail and her husband have two grown children. They love sports and music and enjoy exploring new destinations together. 


Ruth Dudas

Weekly  |  7PM  |  Inland Hills  |  909.762.0018



1ST, 2ND, & 4TH Tue  |  7PM  |  Chino Hills  |  951.264.1839

Evie leads this women's group. Evie is married with 2 sons, 2 daughters-in-law, and 6 grandchildren. She is an outdoorsy-kinda girl who's a bit of a cowgirl at heart. She and her husband enjoy skiing, bike riding, camping, and traveling.


Anne Boehler

Weekly  |  7PM  |  Chino Hills  |  909.641.7401

Anne leads this women's group. She is a Healthcare IT who, in her spare time, enjoys scrap booking, painting, reading, and even exercising! Anne is married and has two children. When spending time as just the two of them, Anne and her husband prefer hiking, walking, kayaking, or traveling to new places.





Kim Terpstra

Weekly  |  9AM  |  Chino  |  909.762.7381

Kim leads this women’s group. She is married with 1 son and a daughter-in-law. She and her hubby enjoy Harley rides, bowling, and camping. Over the past few years, Kim has made a lifestyle change to be healthier and more active. She now loves working out, weight lifting, and entering mud runs. Go Kim! She loves to try new adventures and encourages others to do the same. 


Lynn Briggs

2ND & 4TH Wed  |  10AM  |  Inland Hills  |  951.505.5966

Lynn leads this women’s group. She is a Real Estate Agent who has been married for over 50 years, has 3 sons, and 5 grandchildren. Lynn has a passion for riding horses, and with her husband, loves to talk, laugh, and hit the road together on road trips. She thinks that her grandchildren may say she's a little bit crazy—but in a good way!


Jackie olge

2ND & 4TH Wed  |  9:30AM  |  Inland Hills  |  909.628.3053

Jackie leads this women's group. Jackie is married with 5 children, 16 grandchildren, and 4 great grandchildren! She is enjoying retirement and loves to read and garden.


Peggy Pearson & Deanna Fragnoli

2ND & 4TH Wed  |  9AM  |  Inland Hills
PEGGY 909.202.1462
DEANNA 909.210.2169

Peggy and Deanna co-lead this women’s group. Peggy is married with 4 children and 5 grandchildren. Quilting, time with the grandkids, and travel are high on her priority list. Little known fact about Peggy; she speaks Dutch! Deanna and her husband have 3 grown children and have 1 grandson! Together, she and hubby enjoy the great outdoors and road trips. Deanna's passions include quilting and vacationing.


Melissa Milton & Deirdre Magill

E/O Week  |  10AM  |  Chino Hills
Melissa 714.393.5011
Deirdre 909.393.9444

Deirdre and Melissa co-leads this women’s group. Deidre's an Interior Designer who loves spending time with family, walking, cooking, and of course, decorating! Talk about multifaceted! She and her husband have 1 child. With a hubby and 2 growing kids, Melissa finds time to enjoy reading, painting, crafting, and working out. She likes family time at the pool. A fun fact about Melissa is that despite a busy life, she loves to host parties—no matter how full her schedule.


marcia smith

Weekly  |  6:30PM  |  Inland Hills | 909.636.7750

Marcia leads this women’s group. She enjoys reading, spending time with her grandson, and planning trips with her husband now that they are both retired. She also makes time to tutor math and computer programming.


Kim Carew

E/O Week  |  7PM  |  Chino Hills  |  909.730.9971

Kim leads this women’s group. Having been married over 28 years to the best guy in the world (it’s been proven), Kim and her husband like to travel and spend time with friends. A mother of two grown kids, Kim has experienced a little bit of everything — she’s an English Teacher, and previously worked in the entertainment industry. She is a 6-time game show contestant, served as a Disneyland Tour Guide during college, and is a breast cancer survivor. In her spare time, she engages in water sports or settles in to watch some good old football.


Jill Cooper

Weekly  |  7PM  |  Chino Hills  |  909.606.6847

Jill leads this women’s group. She enjoys quilting, reading, and serving with the Sew Blessed Quilters Ministry. Jill has 29 children. (Wait... What?) Actually, she is a 1st grade school teacher, who, at the end of the school day, enjoys being mom to 2 grown kids of her own!



2ND & 4TH Wed  |  7PM  |  Chino/Chino Hills/Eastvale

Sarah leads this women’s group. Some of her favorite things are reading, working out, and going to the beach with her boys. Speaking of boys, she is a mom to two of them and a school teacher to many! Something interesting about Sarah is that she is from a very large family that still gets together for holidays. It makes for a very loud, but fun, time!


Kathy Higgins

Weekly  |  7PM  |  Chino Hills  |  909.597.8340

Kathy leads this women’s group. She is a proud mom of 2 children in college—one finishing up his BSN and RN and another finishing her Master's degree. When she's not spending time with her kids, Kathy enjoys gardening, sewing, and crafts. The crafting comes in handy since she's also a first grade teacher.


Tess Torres

Weekly  |  7PM  |  Chino Hills  |  909.286.9064

Tess leads this women’s group. She has her hands full loving on a family of 1 husband, 4 children, and a grandchild on the way. Tess is a Special Accounts Manager who enjoys working out, decorating, and personal shopping. (Every girl's dream!) Fun with her hubby consists of date nights, motorcycle riding, and walks together. Look out for Tess. She can be a bit of a jokester.





Sarah Schweitzer & Katie Rohde

E/O Week  |  5PM  |  Corner Bakery
Katie  |  909-912-9505
Sarah  |  951-741-7686

Sarah and Katie lead this Women’s group at Corner Bakery. Both of them are realtors, and both love photography—and no, they don’t only take pictures of houses! While Sarah and her husband Rick have 4 children ranging from 5 to 16, Katie invests in kids and their families as a nanny and a MOPS coordinator at IHC. In free moments, Katie sets her creative mind to new projects, and Sarah values time with family and friends while traveling or relaxing at home.


Rebecca Maynard

Weekly |  7PM  |  The Preserve in Chino  |  909.576.7884

Rebecca leads this women’s group. As a busy mother of two, Rebecca loves being on the go with her boys! Together, they love being outdoors, whether they’re enjoying family picnics or playing sports. Along with crushing it at full-time working and mom-ing, Rebecca is fond of baking some deliciousness in the kitchen, engaging in a little retail therapy now and then, and catching up on her reading.


Brooke Dunbar

Weekly |  7PM  |  Eastvale

Brooke leads this women’s group. She and her husband Matthew have two boys, and they love to be out and about! Brooke and fam love the Chino Hills community—you can often see her at her sons’ soccer games, enjoying movies in the park, and braving local hiking trails. She appreciate that this group offers great connection for working moms, from Bible Study to eating out together, bonding over good food and even better conversation!


Jeannette Gross

Weekly  |  7PM  |  Chino  |  909.591.4959

Jeannette leads this women’s group. She is a happy homemaker and aviculturist. "A what?" you ask. As an aviculturist, Jeannette breeds exotic birds. She is widowed and has three sons and eight grandchildren. Jeannette enjoys cake decorating, sewing, and digging deep into God's Word.


Alma Tafolla & Pilar Sala

Weekly  |  6:30PM  |  IHC
ALMA  |  562.857.3886

PILAR  |  626.392.7132

Alma and Pilar lead this bilingual Women’s group. Fun fact: both of them have 3 grandkids! Alma, a Sales Manager, spends free time decorating her home and going out with her husband Joe to get dinner, belt out some karaoke, or dance up a storm. Pilar is retired, which gives her even more time to spoil her grandchildren :) Their group includes women ages 40-60, who appreciate quality time both in bible study and a girls’ night out!


Carol Noble

Weekly  |  7PM  |  Chino  |  951.898.1579

Carol leads this women’s group. She is recently retired (and loving it) after 50 years of private accounting and likes to refer to herself as a "bean counter." Carol has 2 grown daughters and 7 grandchildren—all of which are boys! Carol loves spending time with her grandsons and especially loves cooking with them. Free time also includes Bible study, quilting, and gardening.


krista whittington

E/O Week  |  7:30PM  |  Chino/Chino Hills  |  949.697.3146

Krista leads this women’s group. Some of her favorite things are lake water sports, snow skiing, and taking in the scenery during road trips. Watching sports is also a fun pastime. Her career is in the interior design industry and she's passionate about creating beautiful homes where people can relax and replenish from their busy lives. Krista also serves with 1-year olds in IHC Kids. 


Berninia Bradley

E/O Week  |  8PM  |  Chino Hills  |  951.212.0788

Berninia leads this women’s group. She's a proud mom of 2 young adult men. Bernenia works in Human Resource and loves watching great movies (as opposed to not-so-great ones), decorating, and candles. Little known fact about Berninia... she is famous among family and friends for her homemade Monkey Bread!






Weekly  |  9AM  |  Inland Hills  |  909.393.2332

Diane leads this women’s group. She has been married for 18 years and has 2 children. Diane works full time at home—pretty handy with tools inside and outside of the house. She enjoys exercising, music, conducting art lessons at her kids’ school, and gardening. She and her hubby stay busy traveling and keeping up with the kids’ activities.



E/O Week  |  9AM  |  Chino Hills  |  909.896.7665

Suzi leads this women’s group. Married for 22 years, she and her husband have 2 daughters. Suzi appreciates her time to read, sew, and shop. Who wouldn’t? She enjoys hiking and wakeboarding and her family loves spending their time boating or anywhere there’s water! She’s a creative girl and Pinterest is a close friend.


Kyla Campbell

Weekly  |  7PM  |  Chino  |  941.730.6870

Kyla leads this women’s group. Hanging out with friends from small group, watching movies, YouTube, and Netflix are some of Kyla's favorite things. She is currently working a graveyard shift while a student at Cal Baptist University. She is busy working on her master's degree in Clinical Psychology. Originally from Florida, she decided that a few earthquakes aren't any worse than some of the hurricanes she experienced growing up, so she made the cross country trek to plant roots in California.